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08.10.2014  Winners are honoured at the third Intervideo Young Talent Award

On September 26, 2014, it finally happened! Intervideo Filmproduktion had invited film-makers to the award ceremony of the third Intervideo Young Talent Award being held in Mainz. The newcomers from the morning had arrived to collect their trophies.

The creative universe of these young film-makers unfolded in their cinema. The competition's motto, 'Tomorrow we'll see changes', resulted in successful experimental and ambitious films that blurred the lines between fiction and documentary, between analysis and change, and between experiment and reality.

Professor Dr. Thomas Meder, a jury member, awarded the first prize in the fiction category to 'Room without a View' by Johannes Bachmann. In his statement, Meder said that changes would always begin in the mind. He was also impressed by the consistently high quality of the submissions.

The winner of the animation category was 'Teatime' by Marcel Knüdeler, Thomas Schienagel, Marie Kister and Willfried Pollan, a concise animated movie that displays the film-makers’ control over every element of the development process of this film genre. In the documentation category, 'Loly H.' by Marie Elisa Scheidt was declared the winner, while 'A Film' by Franziska Kabisch won over the jury in the experimental category.

Many of the submissions revealed that the young film-makers understand how to visualize in movies their messages about changing society as well as how to have an impact on the minds of their audience. Many of the films could not be shown at the ceremony. But they will remain in minds of the selection and organization team. Among these impressive films are the documentary, 'Ecuador with Eyes Closed' by Daniel Chamorro, and the fictional work, 'After the First Blaze' by Doria-Svetlana Achour. The in-house movie favourite of Intervideo, which also took the third place in the fiction category, is '97%' by Ben Brand.

After the award ceremony, the band TripAdLib took over with some real-time electro music. They electrified not only the young guests on the dance floor, but also persuaded the nearby 'Meenzer Doom to wiggle'.

We would like to thank all the young film-makers for their participation and all award winners for attending the award ceremony.


02.10.14  Award ceremony of the third Intervideo Young Talent Award

The time had finally come! On September 26, the third Intervideo Young Award ceremony was held to announce the winners at CineMayence in Mainz. The awards mark an excellent start to their film-making careers.

Successful, experimental and ambitious films were presented that blurred the lines between fiction and documentary, between analysis and change, and between experiment and reality. Through the cinema and the creative universe of these young film-makers, the contest’s theme of 'Tomorrow we'll see changes' unfolded.

The winners, their video posts, and pictures of the award ceremony and the celebration will be published next week on this website.

Congratulations to all the winners!


02.09.2014  Winners of the 3rd Intervideo Young Talent Award determined by the jury

The Young Talent Award jury consisting of Prof. Dr. Thomas Meder, Roland Blum and Gudrun Winter, met on August 27th and determined the winners. In the four categories of documentary, fiction, animation and experimental shortfilm were awarded first, second and third places. The invitations to all winners are out. The winners, the films and trailers of the shortlist films are available after the ceremony on the Young Talent Award website. We look forward to the award ceremony on September 26th here in Mainz with all the winners!

15.08.2014  The shortlist is set

The exciting viewing of all film submissions is completed. In 406 shortfilms, international film talents from 50 countries has dealt with the competition theme "changes" in the four categories of documentation, fiction, animation and experimental work.

Congratulations to all finalists! For the independent jury we could win, Prof. Dr. Thomas Meder, professor of media theory at the University of Applied Sciences Mainz, Roland Blum from the department of design and computer science at the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences, Gudrun Winter, head of shortfilm festivalShorts at Moonlight”and Armin Riegel, a freelance editor. The jury will view in the next days the ten best films from each category once again, to vote on August 27, together the final winners. The award ceremony will take place on the 26th of September as part of the 50th Intervideo anniversary.


01.03.2014  Third competition has started

The competition for young film talents! Under the title “Tomorrow is a New Day – Realities, Visions, Utopias” Intervideo Filmproduktion instituted a new prize to encourage young talent in film, media and design in 2009 for the first time. The competition will take place every two to three years.

Feel free to download the competition application documents.